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In the realm of information processing, the human brain stands unparalleled in its capacity for parallel multitasking, effortlessly synthesising colour, motion, and form. Conversely, computers, while exacting, operate in a methodical, stepwise manner.

As automation continues its trajectory, the implications of Artificial Intelligence surpassing human cognition loom large. What implications arise in such a paradigm? And to what extent would this emergent technology embody our collective history and ethos?

Curated by John Tung, Serial and Massively Parallel presents a curated assembly of regional artworks, each offering profound insights into our intrinsic human identity in the midst of an impending technological confluence.

Southeast Asia's
Contemporary Art Platform

S.E.A. Focus is a leading showcase and art market hub dedicated to Southeast Asian contemporary art. It aims to bring together a fine curation of established and emerging artistic talents to foster a deeper appreciation of contemporary art and artists in the region.

SAM S.E.A. Focus Art Fund

Established in 2023, the SAM S.E.A. Focus Art Fund recognises iconic works of contemporary Southeast Asian art by facilitating their entry into the Singapore Art Museum (SAM)'s collection.

With the sponsored fund, outstanding work(s) presented at S.E.A. Focus will be chosen by a selection panel to be acquired for the collection.



Leong Puiyee: “Being a part of Southeast Asia, it is only natural to highlight the stories from the region.”

Leong Puiyee, senior manager at Objectifs, speaks about short film as an artistic medium for highlighting stories from the region.

Angela Tan and John Tung on the Intersection of Art and Disability

Angela Tan, Executive Director at ART:DIS, and John Tung, curator of S.E.A. Focus 2024, talk about working with neurodivergent artists, the exhibition 'A Piece of Home', and what inclusivity entails.

Jirat Ratthawongjirakul: “We wish to be a place that nurtures young artists and encourages established artists to continue experimenting and shifting their practice.”

An artist-founded initiative in Bangkok, Gallery VER came at an important juncture in the development of Thai contemporary art 17 years ago. Today, it is setting its sights abroad while continuing to champion conceptualist modes of thinking and art-making.

SEAspotlight Talks

Is There a Southeast Asian Art Market, Now?

Bringing together specialists in the Southeast Asian and international art markets, this panel explores the conditions by which a Southeast Asian art market might operate.

Tezos Presents: Come Together – Building Communities in the NFT Art Space

A conversation that focuses on the rapidly evolving world of NFTs and the impact of its creative communities on the non-blockchain art world.

Traces of Global Singapore: A Cultural Landscape

A conversation about the conditions and dynamics shaping Singapore in the 21st century, as reflected on by artists, curators, and administrators working within the region.

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