Alvin Zafra – S.E.A. Focus

Alvin Zafra

Philippines / Artinformal

Alvin Zafra (b. 1978) has been making distinctly powerful works by etching and scratching found objects onto the surface of sandpaper, material with an abrasive surface.The resulting marks
or images become the work’s surface information, resonating with the object itself used in production.Throughout the years, he has worked with human and animal bones, steel, bullets, knives, stones, and glass. He has exhibited works in Manila, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Poland and Germany.

His works were also part of exhibitions at the Yinchuan Biennale in China (2016), the Mediations Biennale in Poznan, Poland (2012), and the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo (2009). He was shortlisted for the BMW Art Journey Prize in 2016. He received the Cultural Center of the Philippines – Thirteen Artists Award in 2015.

Alvin Zafra will be presenting his works at Artinformal.