Chen Wei Meng – S.E.A. Focus

Chen Wei Meng

Malaysia / Wei-Ling Gallery

CHEN WEI MENG (B.1965) Having grown up in Dungun, Terengganu Chen Wei Meng’s muse is the landscape. This obsession is reflected deeply in his earlier works, which consisted of hyper-realistic paintings. As he said, the landscape is like “a friend” that he has found again. The wide lens effect that he applies to his paintings brings the bare foreground close to the viewer, while opening a panorama where stories would develop.

As time has evolved, so too has his practice which has seen him leave behind colour and move into a monochromatic palette which serves to help him. Chasing this abstract concept of ‘flow’, he began his experimentations first in acrylic, then charcoal, before finding his preference for Chinese ink on Xuan paper. ‘Musang’s Words’ therefore, is a celebration of this very idea, a meditative and dedicated exploration into his perpetual quest for ‘flow’.

Chen Wei Meng will be presenting his works at Wei-Ling Gallery.