January 2021
Singapore Art Week

Cheng Yen Pheng

Kuala Lumpur / Wei-Ling Gallery

Cheng Yen Pheng’s body of work marks a tumultuous yet stabilizing period in her life It reflects on and emphasizes a chapter in her life which has tested yet molded her and has consumed her in its totality. On a trail-blazing path as one of the country’s most provocative and brave contemporary voices, this body of work is personal. It is her life laid bare. Through it she composes her own museum of life, looking upon the act of creating as a way of assembling, materializing and conserving life’s experiences. The artist places herself as a storyteller, as she connects the dots between different events encountered and major life-changing decisions settled throughout the past four years. Echoing distinct themes ranging from femininity, maternity, motherhood, life and death, to her transition from the city to the “kampong” life, this dynamic body of work moves beyond expression, as it also serves as the artist’s realization of her inner metamorphosis, while unfolding the joy and struggle as an individual, but also a woman, mother, and artist.

In her hanging clothes installation, the artist reveals a reality often considered as taboo; the phase of discovering our own anatomical transformation. Hand-shaped outlines are stitched onto shorts, t- shirts and singlets, under attire commonly worn by young adults during their age of transition – a stage between youth and adulthood, between pure innocence and maturity. The hands are placed where the body’s intimate parts would be covered by the fabric, as if pointing out the notion of desire. Boy’s and girl’s singlets are overlapped so as to underline the blurriness of gender.

Cheng Yen Pheng will be presenting her works at Wei-Ling Gallery.