Christina Lopez – S.E.A. Focus

Christina Lopez

Philippines / The Drawing Room

Christina Lopez‘s contemporary art practice ranges from the traditional sense of image production to methods more involved with new media. She is interested in the capacity of art to present alternative possibilities; to theorise, to test certain boundaries that are currently in place. There is specific intent to explore power, including its relations, structure, and implications.

Recently, she has been producing work that utilizes paranoia as a tool for divination, one that navigates through the obfuscation omnipresent in the production and dissemination of new technologies. The forms she chooses to represent these concepts often involve digital-physical fusion, reflecting that the virtual is inseparable from material realities. By grasping at what is seen and unseen progress is viewed as something that is neither good nor evil, and arguments are presented with commitment to what the future could be.

Her work can be found inside and outside of privatised spaces and institutions.