Dawn Ng – S.E.A. Focus

Dawn Ng

Singapore / Sullivan+Strumpf

Dawn Ng is a multi-hyphenate visual artist, who has worked across a breadth of mediums, motives and scale, including sculpture, photography, light, film, collage, painting and large scale installations. Her practice deals with time, memory and the ephemeral. Her latest and ongoing body of work, Into Air continues Ng’s preoccupation with time and her attempts to capture and convey its emotional tenor and elasticity, as opposed to the cold and factual progression of numerals commonly used to tell and record time. ‘Into Air’ is a ‘cycle’, charting the lifespan of a block of frozen pigments as it is exposed to the elements, melts, and then returns to air. The works are all traces and residues of each block’s existence and record the movement of its states from solid to liquid, and eventually to air: from weight to lightness, monumentality to nothingness.