January 2021
Singapore Art Week

Dini Nur Aghnia

Yogyakarta / Gajah Gallery

Using bio-organic materials, Indonesian visual artist Dini Nur Aghnia (b. 1995) forms textured landscapes sculpted and formed from a mixture of corn flour and clay. Her works recapture the often-overlooked landscapes around her in brilliant colours, highlighting for example, the vast landscapes of Yogyakarta’s fields and the Prau Dieng Mountains. The over-arching philosophy behind Dini’s practice is to appreciate the small things, the daily joy of even simply seeing the sunrise each morning. In this everyday solar phenomenon, the artist views the sun as a symbol of rebirth, joy, life and victory. Her landscapes are composed of individually sculpted, brightly colored disks of clay, suggesting that these little spots of brightness in our everyday can come together to form a beautifully vibrant world.

Dini Nur Aghnia will be presenting her works at Gajah Gallery.