Ella Mendoza – S.E.A. Focus

Ella Mendoza

Philippines / Artinformal

Mendoza (b. 1993) completed her second degree in Art History from the University of the Philippines. A painting major by training, she started doing ceramics in 2015 and has since been an active presence in the field.

Mendoza’s practice often involves working with ceramic objects in multiples, deliberately composing them in series or as installations, traversing between the notion of function and sculpture as a nod to the vital role of ceramics throughout periods in history – with the objective of expanding the experience of the material. The use of clay as medium is central to the themes of Mendoza’s works, as it activates a sense of familiarity in the integration of material and form.

With ceramic forms suggestive of commonplace objects, Mendoza surveys themes of contemporary culture, Philippine history, and matters of sociopolitical and of economic concern through satirical and metaphorical configurations as she takes-off from situations that shape her immediate environment.