Genevieve Ang – S.E.A. Focus

Genevieve Ang

Singapore / Sullivan+Strumpf

Genevieve Ang, better known as Gellyvieve, is an artist who primarily expresses through clay and spatial installations. Stumbling upon clay at the age of 10 and eventually graduating with Masters of Architecture, she sees her practice as playing and building infinite worlds. Gellyvieve’s practice explores the manifestation of time, the transformation of the rock into clay through millions of years of decomposition by the forces of nature before its metamorphosis into ceramic by humans, while reflecting on human conditions such as imperfections and impermanence.

Gellyvieve has exhibited her works in Singapore and internationally. In 2022, she was invited by Design Anthology to exhibit her works in EMERGE @FIND, a platform for South-East Asia’s up and coming creators. In her solo exhibition, In Space, A Sign (2021), she collaborated with Kki Sweets, Singapore, to create a contemplative spatial installation while engaging our senses.