Hazel Lim – S.E.A. Focus

Hazel Lim

Singapore / Art Porters Gallery

Hazel Lim is a visual artist with a background in painting and employs text, crafting methods and drawings to create works that delve into the production of narratives, notions of displacement, construction of histories and imaginary landscapes. In her current research on the Aesthetics of Care, Hazel is employing crafting techniques such as needlework and paper craft to investigate the utility of diagrams, image making and colour theory, whilst at the same time, interrogating the relationship of craft to the domestic and feminine.

Hazel currently leads the BA(Hons) programme in the McNally School of Fine Arts, LASALLE College of the Arts and has taken part in exhibitions showcased in Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, Ireland, Germany, Austria, US and Vietnam. Hazel was an Associate Artist with Substation, Singapore from 2004-2012 and is one of the artists commissioned for Singapore Biennale 2013/2014 and showed her work entitled ‘A Botanical and Wildlife Survey’ at the Singapore Peranakan Museum. She recently collaborated with her partner, Andreas Schlegel on a commissioned installation work, ‘The Oort Cloud and the Blue Mountain’ for The Children Biennale 2019 at The National Gallery of Singapore and the Kinderbiënnale 2021-2022 at Groninger Museum, Netherlands and Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden Museum, Germany, as well as for the Singapore Art Museum: Tanjong Pagar Distripark 2022.