January 2021
Singapore Art Week

Heri Dono

Yogyakarta / Jan Manton Art

Heri Dono (b. 1960, Jakarta) is a leading Indonesian contemporary artist who has participated in numerous international exhibitions since the early 1990s. Known for his wildly imaginative installations such as his latest work Voyage – Trokomod at the 56th Venice Biennale, Dono draws inspiration from wayang kulit, the Javanese shadow-puppet fold theatre where song, visual arts and mythology merge in one performance. Heri has developed a dark-humoured and satirical style through his cultural roots, creating an ethereal realm of mythological creatures and oblique narratives that explore sociopolitical, human behaviour and contemporary issues.

Drawing on the forms and tradition of wayang kulit immediately locates his practice as an Indonesian artist. A master of satire, Dono uses humour to drive home a deeper message about post-2000 identity politics. At STPI, he worked along the theme of madness and combined Indonesian and global visual languages. This idea of hybridity plays tribute to syncretism to Indonesia’s own archipelagic cultures and resists a dominant singular narrative.

Permanent collections include O.H.D Art Museum, Indonesia; Deutsche Guggenheim Frankfurt (Deutsche Bank AG Frankfurt), Germany; Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan; National Gallery of Australia and the Singapore Art Museum.

Heri Dono will be presenting his works at Jan Manton Art.