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JC Jacinto

Philippines / Artinformal

JC Jacinto (b. 1985) has been slowly moving from painting mostly organic subjects to using actual organic materials for his new take on painting. This mirrors his earlier shift from painting figures to painting apparitions, if not abstractions, of these same figures. His interest in the autonomous life of rocks, trees, and minerals and their inherent capacity to record their lives and the passage of time figure prominently in recent works such as in his twin exhibitons I Skip Stones Across Eons (2019) at Artinformal and The Arrow That Pierced Time (2020) at Taipei Dangdai in Taiwan. He received his arts education from the University of the Philippines. In 2014, he completed a residency at the Abu Dhabi Art Hub. In 2019, Jacinto was shortlisted for his show, A Crack in Everything for the Fernando Zobel Prize in the Ateneo Art Awards.


About JC Jacinto’s works

The Nebulous Core

In trying to understand the line that connects us with everything in nature, the focus is to review the causes and effects and draw parallels between the vast, the miniscule, and the self. To go further than the microscopic requires the removal of the bridge that also serves as a barrier between meaning and being. Moving away from the safety of being an observer and imitator and acknowledging the self as fluid entity that is a component of the whole, the painting process transposed from being portrayals of observable subjects made to define lines
and correlations to find meaning, into image-making as a natural phenomenon and a basic human function. The paintings are marks on surfaces that become evidence of momentary existence, an occurrence no different than how seas form patches of salt on rocks.