January 2021
Singapore Art Week


Yogyakarta / Jan Manton Art

Jumaadi’s (b. 1973, Indonesia) dream-like figures and imagery combine personal iconography, mythology and memories drawn from Indonesian and Western perspectives. Articulated across a variety of media, including drawing in charcoal on paper, painted or enamel cut-outs on cardboard, aluminum and buffalo hide, Jumaadi’s subjects communicate both personal and universal themes. Many of these subjects are derived from the century-old oral and performative traditions of Indonesian shadow puppetry, familiar to the artist from his childhood in East Java. Invariably playful, romantic, surreal or menacing, his work is intuitive, skillful and richly imaginative.

Hindu epics, Javanese folklore, poetry, and contemporary issues all influence Jumaadi’s creative process, as do interactions with painters, writers, composers, and dalang (traditional Javanese puppet masters). Aside from being a painter Jumaadi is an illustrator, sculptor, shadow puppeteer. He deeply influenced by poetry when composing his pieces. For the artist, poetry functions how lighting or dance might in a theatrical performances. Painting is a space that can be expanded or reduced. Poetry can add to or reduce the volume of a space. It can deepen one’s understanding of an artwork.

Jumaadi completed both a BFA and an MFA at the National Art School in Sydney, Australia. Currently, he works between Sydney and Yogyakarta.

Jumaadi will be presenting his works at Jan Manton Art.