Kelli Maeshiro – S.E.A. Focus

Kelli Maeshiro

Japan, USA / MONO8

Kelli Maeshiro’s (b. 1989) works are characterized as delicate and introspective, creating an inviting atmosphere that portrays themes of longing and ennui. She merges traditional and contemporary art-making techniques in forming images that examine how identity is constructed through migration and memory drawn from her experience as a Japan-born adoptee of an Okinawan-American family. Maeshiro received her BA in Studio Art (Painting) from the Willamette University in Salem, Oregon and completed artist residencies at the Vermont Studio Center (USA) and the Women’s Studio Workshop (USA). In 2018, she received the George and Nobuko Azumano Award. Her works were featured in exhibitions at the National Museum of the Philippines, Hallie Ford Museum of Art, and Honolulu Museum of Art. She lives and works in Manila and Honolulu.