Lui Medina – S.E.A. Focus

Lui Medina

Philippines / Artinformal

Lui Medina (b. 1981) continues to interrogate form and figure in her latest works using landscapes as framework and not just as subject matter. From geologic to geographical forms, her works explore the plasticity of topographies and how expanses can become isolated parcels, islands into sprawls, and landscapes without landmarks, mainly with the use of graphite.

This interest in shapes and the organic hsa in turn also shaped the canvases and materials that she uses for her drawings and paintings. Her recent exhibitions include “Where does landscape begin?” (2016) and an eponymous exhibition in 2014 both at Artinformal, and “Metamorphic Histories” (2013) at Vargas Museum. She has been part of exhibitions at the Langgeng Art Foundation in Jogjakarta (2017), Mind Set Art Center in Taipei (2016), and Equator Art Projects in Singapore (2015). In 2018, she was artist-in-residence at Fusio Art Gallery / Inaudita in Turin, Italy.

Lui Medina will be presenting her works at Artinformal.