January 2021
Singapore Art Week

Luqi Lukman

Bandung / ROH Projects Projects

Luqi Lukman (b. 1990, Indonesia) earned his BFA (Printmaking) from the Institute of Art, Yogyakarta. For him,  the paradox is that the immaterial must be created from material, it must materialize. Material and space bring back his memories, feelings, and thoughts. He believes that everything has meaning. Working between organic objects and industrial, almost structural, plain materials, his work meanders without preconception to embody subjective memories into the tangible. Each material contains different images, stories, histories, capabilities, capacities, and contexts in the individual viewer’s mind. Luqi believes that material is a way to understand the world of the unknown. He tries to understand how material and space evoke our imagination by representing them through personal treatment as combining, matching, arranging, and destructing.

Luqi Lukman will be presenting his works at ROH Projects Projects.