January 2021
Singapore Art Week

Maruto Ardi

Bandung / ROH Projects Projects

Maruto Ardi (b. 1992, Indonesia) is a graduate of the Bandung Insititute of Technology, having majored in Visual Arts with a Printmaking Studio concentration. His recent works are mostly based on the concept of printmaking as a mode of production and its expansion. The artist is interested in exploring wider medium possibilities and experimentation practice, as well as incorporating deeper research in his work. He incorporates interrelated webs of references as well as the methodology of creating artworks itself as conceptual foundation to his works. Laid out in systemic order and through a meta-approach, Maruto’s use of utilitarian objects and materials revert the idea of mass-production and consumption into a mechanical structure that permeates and instructs our everyday.

Maruto Ardi will be presenting his works at ROH Projects Projects.