Nicholas Ong – S.E.A. Focus

Nicholas Ong

Singapore / Yavuz Gallery

Nicholas Ong (b. 1995, Singapore) is a painter whose visual vocabulary is positioned within a lineage of contemporary abstraction driven by his interest in filmic language and the shifting moods and textures of cinematic tableaux. His new work will explore the tensions between forms and dimensionality, continuing his formal experimentations on the relationship between two dimensional surfaces and three-dimensional spaces. The work explores the relative perceptions of tensions between abstractions and discernible/ indiscernible forms in painting and light. In January 2021, Ong presented his debut solo exhibition titled Absurd Theatrics in conjunction with Singapore Art Week, that challenged the structure of precepts and stimulus as a medium for experience and dimensionality.

Ong has participated in various group exhibitions in Singapore and around the region, including: URBN. SENI, The Inauguran Triennial Singapore Malaysia Cultural Showcase, Urbanscapes Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (2019); Why Not, Nanyang Technological University ADM Gallery (2018); and ‘Garnish With’, Institute of Contemporary Art Singapore (2015). He has been commissioned by the likes of Facebook, The Singapore Art Museum, NOISE Singapore. In 2019, he participated in an Artist-in-Residence with the Balai Seni Negara (National Art Gallery Malaysia).