Robert Langenegger – S.E.A. Focus

Robert Langenegger

Philippines / Artinformal

Robert Langenegger (b. 1983) creates cartoonish narratives that aim to turn the aesthetics of “high art” completely upside down. He combines extremely confronting humor, carnal excess, body fluids and unclean protagonists to show us the corruption, selfishness, vanity and sexual depravity that underlie and pervert our modern life.

Themes range from sex tourism in Asia to global class warfare, the hypocrisy of organized religion, racism, and consumerism. In works with humorous, rambling titles, Langenegger depicts a drugged-addled character who’s domestic threat is ambiguous. Elsewhere, the artist pokes fun at the strange bedfellows that work together to keep the global capitalism machine moving. His heavily laden paintings deal with the social deformities from his home city Manila.