January 2021
Singapore Art Week

Wyn-Lyn Tan

Singapore / FOST Gallery

Wyn-Lyn Tan’s (b.1974, Singapore) practice is grounded in painting, and driven by a visual language shaped through rhythm and intuition. Her new series of metal paintings is the result of her on-going interest in ‘absence as presence’, where there is a constant negotiation between materialised and dematerialised states. Through repeated reductive and layering processes, the mark-making is both immediate and prolonged.

Tan has been awarded numerous grants and residencies since, including the Highly Commended Work Award in Abstract Medium at the 22nd UOB Painting of the Year Competition (Singapore) in 2003, Emerging Artist Grant, 2003 and Arts Professional Development Grant in Visual Arts, 2011 from the National Arts Council (Singapore); and the Fiskas Artist Residency (Finland). In 2011, she was one of two Singaporean artists to ever take up The Arctic Circle Residency.

Wyn-Lyn Tan will be presenting her works at FOST Gallery.