anonymity – S.E.A. Focus


Poklong Anading

Medium: Chromogenic transparency in lightbox, Edition 2 of 3

Size of work: 27.7 x 22.6 x 3.8 cm (each)

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Artist Statement

In anonymity (2006 – 2011), one of the more iconic conceptual photographs of the past decade, Poklong Anading activates the idea of inter-dependence at the onset: subject—object—and light. The subject here, the person, bears an object, a mirror, which is held against their face and into the sunlight, producing a blinding glare that covers the holder’s identity. This iteration employs the use of lightboxes, extending the involvement of light beyond the photograph.

About the Artist

Poklong Anading (b. 1975, Manila, Philippines. Lives and works in Manila) works with a wide range of mediums and is acclaimed for his pieces that investigate photography and travel. Fascinated with the process of creation and permutation, Anading explores different mediums to engage with a range of sociopolitical and environmental questions. He is not driven by an overt agenda, but prefers to let his mind wander—thinking with and through his materials as they undergo their transformations. He frequently uses found objects and discarded materials that lead him to investigate notions of worth and value, and to explore what it means for art to exist inside and beyond capitalist production.