As Good as Grey

Jamie and Jamie

Oil on Linen
190 x 120 cm

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As Good as Grey is a play on the saying as good as gold, overthrowing the negative connotations of the term grey into something that should be appreciated and not overlooked. Drawing the viewers in through the darkest mid-point of the painting, a spectrum of colour hidden between the rough and rugged textures begins to reveal itself. Transitioning between shades of orange and teal, the colours seem to shift and shine through the initial turbulent waves of black and slowly fades out into white. The darkness of black and grey transforms from something that hinders and swallows into something that accentuates and emphasises the lightness of hope. Watch this beautiful two-minute film on the making of by Jarren Lau.

About the Artist

Jamie Tan and Jamie Teo first met in LASALLE during their school days. After a few years of separate practice, they exhibited together for the first time, with their joint exhibition Offline Colour, held at Art Porters Gallery from October to December 2020. In January 2021, Jamie and Jamie are presenting a triptych in response to the curated theme of hyper-horizon at the prestigious S.E.A. Focus 2021. Jamie and Jamie are represented by Art Porters Gallery.

Jamie and Jamie will be presenting their works at Art Porters.