S.E.A. Focus returns for its 5th edition from
Friday 6 Jan - Sunday 15 Jan 2023


Yeo Chee Kiong

Resin, Edition of 8; Stainless steel, Edition of 8
230 x 60 x 60 cm each

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The ‘Ideal Lady Series’ is a hunt for perfection. The contemporary leisure activities such as Shopping, Pedicure, in combining with the body sculpting diagrams such as Yoga postures and Ballet, appropriately interprets the taste of contemporary life, as part of our delightful daily encounters and our Summer Dream. This series of work is characterized by myriad and fleeting bubbles. The high reflection of the sleek stainless steel and bronze aims to conjure a fantasized sense of sophistication on the surface of the form, while underneath the pink fresh one could perceive real obesity. Through the stainless steel’s/bronze’s hard, transformative characteristic and the image of the soft and voluminous female body, I look for a sense of hyper-artificiality. In the western world, the concept of “beauty” is often linked to “love” and “desire”. Whereas in Chinese philosophy it is a more absolute concept linked to “truth” and “goodness”. In an attempt to transform the obese figure to a transcendental, beautiful body, I wish to explore human being’s primal desire within the absurd world of delusion. It is an articulation about contemporary “human nature”.

About the Artist

Yeo Chee Kiong (b. 1970) is a contemporary sculptor and installation artist who is fascinated with the language and spatial relationship between object, space and authorship. His work destabilises the familiar notions of spatial proportions and perspectives, whilst examining human conditions in the construction of an extended surreal world.

Throughout his career, Yeo has been bestowed with multiple outstanding awards and commendations. This includes: the NAFA Distinguished Alumni Medal for his outstanding achievement in Singapore art scene (2016), SG50 Commemorative Public Sculpture Competition, National Museum of Singapore (2015), and the JTC Green Core Public Sculpture Open Call (2014).

Thus far, he has held numerous solo exhibitions internationally, such as at Juming Art Museum, Taipei (2017), Ngee Ann Kongsi Galleries, NAFA, Singapore (2016), Cite International Des Arts, Paris (2013), and Richard Koh Fine Art Gallery, Singapore (2011),

Yeo is currently the Visiting Assistant Professor, Sculpture Department, National Taiwan University of Arts.

Yeo will be presenting his works at The Columns Gallery.