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Friday 6 Jan - Sunday 15 Jan 2023

Coral Island Harmony #5


Synthetic yarn, synthetic cotton, plastic web
200 x 200 x 38 cm

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Mulyana experiences the act of knitting and crocheting as a form of silent meditation and prayer. In Coral Island Harmony #5, small clusters of unique, vividly coloured corals are held together tightly by an invisible, unseen force, forming into an exuberant, diverse ocean ecosystem that recalls a thriving marine seascape, and plays with the idea of a close-knit community. Modular in nature, the artwork serves as an important reminder that together, we are all capable of creating boundless beauty and harmony. The coral island is also home to the Mogus, an octopus-like creature that is the alter ego of the artist. The Messenger, a solo exhibition by Mulyana is on show at Art Porters Gallery room 1 until 14 March 2021, with its exhibition catalogue accessible here, while an installation by the artist is also visible until early May at Esplanade — Theatres on the Bay.

About the Artist

Jogja-based Mulyana was educated as an art teacher and learned knitting and crocheting at the famous book shop collective Tobucil in Bandung. Mulyana experiences the act of knitting or crocheting as a form of meditation and prayer. His pieces begin their lives like small organisms, the modules slowly blooming with quiet contemplation into vividly coloured clusters of queer forms that seem to hold together tightly, as if a pulling force was binding them relentlessly with invisible strength.

In 2008, Mulyana created his alter-ego, the Mogus (Monster), alongside the Gurita (octopus) and Sigarantang (Mulyana’s clan name). To Mulyana, art-making is a privileged way of “showing gratitude to our Creator who gives him a sound mind and a healthy body to be part of life on earth”. Often, Mulyana speaks of his work with vigorous reference to spirituality and a sense of a higher being guiding his act of creation.

Mulyana will be presenting his works at Art Porters.