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Friday 6 Jan - Sunday 15 Jan 2023

D6 [Shrimp Pond], from “My Land”

Hà Ninh Pham

Graphite, watercolor, pastel and acrylic marker on paper
123 x 260 cm

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Shrimp Pond is inspired by medical illustrations where shrimp ponds are drawn to look both organic and inorganic, helping to slow down and soften the harshness of the stream coming from the Father’s Dam, a toxic source of energy and evolution. Like other drawings in the ongoing project, My Land, Shrimp Pond depicts one part of the artist’s imaginary world. My Land has no reference to reality, existing as a thought experiment of an alternate universe. The work intentionally reveals nothing about the artist’s identity: gender, race, class and which period he is born into. This anonymity expresses the artist’s discomfort with identity politics, as self-determination and detachment are key aspects of Pham’s way of living.

About the Artist

Hà Ninh Pham (b. 1991, Hanoi, Vietnam) is a fine artist and art educator based in Hanoi, Vietnam. His work explores the way in which we construct our understanding of territories from afar. Hà Ninh Pham is an alumnus of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (MFA in Studio Art), and the Vietnam University of Fine Arts (BFA in Painting). Pham has also participated in various artist residency programmes, including the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, the Corporation of Yaddo, Wassaic Project, Marble House Project in the United States, and PLOP in the United Kingdom. His work has been shown in New York, Philadelphia, London, Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. He is currently Visiting Professor of Painting at the Vietnam University of Fine Arts, and Associate Lecturer at RMIT University Vietnam.

Hà Ninh Pham will be presenting his works at A+ Works of Art.