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Chen Wei Meng

Ink on xuan paper
124 x 96.5 cm


Vast, sweeping and meditative landscapes are what Malaysian artist Chen Wei Meng is perhaps most well known for. The latest fruits of his hard work have taken shape in the form of ‘Musang’s Words’ (2020), a collection of ink drawings inspired by the mountain structure of Gua Musang caves in Kelantan, Malaysia.

“Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless – like water”. This quote by Bruce Lee was the spur which pushed Chen into further embracing the emotional importance of his work, letting feelings guide him instead of thought.  This series is a celebration of this very idea; a meditative and dedicated exploration into his perpetual quest for ‘flow’.

This concept of ‘flow’ is expressed through his choice of technique of using Chinese ink and Xuan paper. This decision comes back to his interest in the Chinese philosophical concept of Yin-Yang which states that the universe exists in a balance.

About the Artist

CHEN WEI MENG (B.1965) Having grown up in Dungun, Terengganu Chen Wei Meng’s muse is the landscape. This obsession is reflected deeply in his earlier works, which consisted of hyper-realistic paintings. As he said, the landscape is like “a friend” that he has found again. The wide lens effect that he applies to his paintings brings the bare foreground close to the viewer, while opening a panorama where stories would develop.

As time has evolved, so too has his practice which has seen him leave behind colour and move into a monochromatic palette which serves to help him. Chasing this abstract concept of ‘flow’, he began his experimentations first in acrylic, then charcoal, before finding his preference for Chinese ink on Xuan paper. ‘Musang’s Words’ therefore, is a celebration of this very idea, a meditative and dedicated exploration into his perpetual quest for ‘flow’.

Chen Wei Meng will be presenting his works at Wei-Ling Gallery.