Expanding Universe – S.E.A. Focus

Expanding Universe

白提山 (Bettina Schleier)

Medium: Glass beads, embroidery, leaf metal, fluorescent acrylic on canvas

Size of work: 174 x 114 cm

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The historical silvering, the traditional beads and the electronic embroidery is reflecting the spacetime model in a constantly expanding universe. In the centre of the artwork a reflection of an undefined shape is mirroring the viewer on the silver leaf background. Integrated into the picture it invites the observer to accept the fact of a constantly expanding and accelerating universe which you are part of.

In the famous words of the “Desiderata”: And whatever or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.”

About the Artist

In addition to her art practice, 白提山 (Bettina Schleier) was a conservator for numerous museums, heritage boards, institutions and private sectors in the last 15 years. Her journey has brought her to various places in Europe, Africa and Asia. She was also involved in multiple endeavours, from mural and monument preservation to archaeology, anthropology and contemporary art conservation. 白 is driven by her strong sense of curiosity in conservation science. She seeks to channel that spirit and her obsession for research into her own artworks and share her passion to a wider audience.