God heals and the doctor takes the fee

Robert Langenegger

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size of work: 124.5 x 154.9 cm / 49″ x 61″ (framed)

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“Harvesting the Void”

The impartiality of the fluorescent lights illuminate the whitewashed walls and cold drab floor of the art gallery. There is no art in it. It is vacant. In this emptiness you will find the purity needed to stare into the totality of existence and the infinite layers that accompany the vast incomprehensibility of its actuality. Somewhere hidden within this primordial mental landscape lies art waiting to be exhumed. Now it becomes the vocation of any self-respecting artist to dive headfirst into this ego dissolving abyss. The idea behind the leap of faith is to let the dissolution lubricate your antennae to zero in on the frequency that presents potential for artistic girth. It is imperative to acknowledge the fact that logic and common sense become irrelevant as we navigate the cultural maze of millennialism propagated by the status quo. The less you fight back the less power you give them over you.

What we should be looking out for at this point is the concept of randomness. It is through this randomness that thou shall find a beacon in the quixotic battle of transcending the determinist approach in creating artworks. The goal is to paint not by sight but rather by feeling the autonomic responses of pupillary dilations on the subcellular level. The more one tries to look the less is actually seen and translated.

Let us say we are to mix antidisestablishmentarianism with a bit of darwinism then add a dash of alcoholism all blended into a makeshift emporium. Do we end up with art? There is no certainty but what is key here is how the visual chemistry of the elements react as they displace, synthesize or neutralize each other on the canvas. The process is furthered as individual works integrate with each other and inoculate the sterile space of an empty art gallery thus turning it into a festering Petri dish of imagery ready to permeate the convalescent mind. When all has been said and done thou must be always wary of the rhetoric in art. We should not waste time and energy in glamorizing and giving relevance to decoration. The objective for all should be to stir the pot in hopes of fortifying the penultimate bastion of creative freedom which is art. Only the release of death itself should supersede the mystique afforded to us by art. In the end thou must harness the universality of thine own existence to be able to realize that ultimately just like the paintings hanging on the gallery wall we are all created out of the void.

-Robert Langenegger


About the Artist

Robert Langenegger (b. 1983) creates cartoonish narratives that aim to turn the aesthetics of “high art” completely upside down. He combines extremely confronting humor, carnal excess, body fluids and unclean protagonists to show us the corruption, selfishness, vanity and sexual depravity that underlie and pervert our modern life.

Themes range from sex tourism in Asia to global class warfare, the hypocrisy of organized religion, racism, and consumerism. In works with humorous, rambling titles, Langenegger depicts a drugged-addled character who’s domestic threat is ambiguous. Elsewhere, the artist pokes fun at the strange bedfellows that work together to keep the global capitalism machine moving. His heavily laden paintings deal with the social deformities from his home city Manila.