Land Poetics (Think of a Line) I

Dina Gadia

Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size of work: 96.52h x 81.28w cm

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The familiar is not a stranger to Dina Gadia’s work. We take pleasure and comfort in the elegant lines that form her  images, the bright and pure colors filling in the variety of shapes, or the clean design allowing for the clarity of  thought, leading towards a possibility of lucid dreaming. The images populating Gadia’s work are born from  popular media, from common pulp magazines to graphic novels, where the vintage style of illustration provides  her a masterful visual language that certifies the work to be an immediate classic. Reading the works over an  innocuous pop sensibility, however, would make it easy to gloss over the tension and challenge hidden behind  Gadia’s wit. We nevertheless enjoy the clever juxtapositions where the unusual sets up many ironic comic  situations, where the disparity between reality and the fantastic is stretched towards awkward instances gliding  seamlessly to slapstick tendencies.

Text by Arvin Flores

About the Artist

Dina Gadia (b. 1986, Pangasinan) is an artist based in Manila with a cult following. Known for satire, she makes paintings and prints sourced from comics, schoolbooks, and magazines from the American post-war period. She slices, then reconstructs narratives of a tricky relationship that was troubled from the moment it began. Recent exhibitions: City Prince/essess (PdT, Paris), Navigating the Abstract (Silverlens, Manila). She received the prestigious Thirteen Artists Award from the CCP in 2018.