Land-scape: Riau/ Light IV – S.E.A. Focus

Land-scape: Riau/ Light IV

Wyn-Lyn Tan

Medium: Video projection on wood, 45s (looped)

Size of work: Overall size at S.E.A. Focus:
111 x 224 cm
Wooden panels:
67 x 223 x 1.5 cm
37.5 x 218 x 3 cm
38 x 107 x 3 cm (not exhibited)
20 x 107.5 x 1.5 cm

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About the Artist

Wyn-Lyn Tan's (b. 1974, Singapore) practice is driven by her desire to make sense of how experiences and emotions shape our understanding of the natural world around us. For her, landscape is not restricted to a genre of painting, but tied to her interconnection with the spaces and places in which she has lived. She considers the journey and an immersive experience of a place as a medium, and much of her work has been based on travels to unfamiliar and distant landscapes in the Northern Hemisphere. Drawing from fields such as geology, alchemy, philosophy and ecology, she seeks to map out the invisible and encourage new perceptions. She is greatly influenced by Eastern philosophies, particularly in the paradox of qi as the life force that is both everything and nothing.

Trained as a painter, she has worked in a range of media from canvas, plexiglass and wood to unorthodox materials of patina, metal and soil. Her practice has expanded into installation, video and most recently, the use of artificial intelligence as she questions traditional distinctions between what is natural and synthetic.

Wyn-Lyn received her MFA with Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art at UiT The Arctic University of Norway and has been the recipient of the Kunstnerstipend scholarship (2017) and Statens utstillingsstipend grant (2017). In 2011, she was one of two Singaporeans to ever take up the The Arctic Circle Residency. Her works can be found in the permanent collection of the Singapore Art Museum, and have been exhibited in Singapore, New York, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and China, including the Inside-Out Art Museum, Beijing.