Loading Loading #6

Ernest Wu

Medium: NFT gif
Size of work: 7 sec

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“There is an unsettling sense of apprehension and anxiety that I will never be able to shake each time I take a Covid-19 test. Waiting as the ART (Antigen Rapid Test) kit absorbs the mixed fluids to determine a result. In that state of waiting I am neither positive nor negative. ART is loading.” Loading Loading is a series of images stuck in the perpetual state of loading. The series is a diary of our time during the Covid Pandemic and will continue indefinitely until the world is back to ‘normal’ whenever that may be.

About the Artist

Ernest Wu (b. 1991, Singapore) is an artist that explores spatial relationships and visual aesthetics to produce artworks through photography and moving images. By questioning traditional techniques of photography, his projects use unconventional methods of creating images structured around the limitations of the camera.