Map Fragment – S.E.A. Focus

Map Fragment

Miguel Lorenzo Uy

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size of work: 122 x 91.44 x 4.5 cm

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About the Artist

Miguel Lorenzo Uy (born 1993) lives and works in the Philippines.

As society continues to rapidly evolve, his artistic practice follows the phenomena that go with it as well, currently exploring the role and paradoxes of technology, media, and globalisation within the struggles of individuality, identity, and independence. The themes found in his work stem from the society in which he lives in, forming questions that address immediate concerns with regard to (religious) beliefs and conventions, (media) consumption and production, and the volatile possibilities in the future that have yet to unfold.

His works shift between different mediums: from painting to photography, sculpture to video, and digital to installation. His 2021 solo exhibition ‘I Am That I Am’ was shortlisted in the 2021 Ateneo Art Awards Fernando Zobel Prize for Visual Art.