Mauve Banyan – S.E.A. Focus

Mauve Banyan

Jill Paz

Medium: Acrylic on laser-carved cardboard

Size of work: 107 x 61 cm

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About the Artist

Jill Paz (b. 1982) utilises drawing, photography, painting, and ceramics, in a diverse practice that may appear analytical, yet intimately presents a personal life. Born in Makati Philippines, she studied art in North America at the Columbus College of Art and Design, the University of British Columbia and Parsons School of Design. In 2015, she received her MFA from Columbus College of Art and Design. Now based in Manila, her studio practice is informed by her relationship to her homeland as a Balikbayan, which translates to ‘person who returns home’ in the Tagalog language.

Recently, Paz was the recipient of a fellowship residency at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts (2023). She has been the recipient of the Philippines Artist Residency Program, resulting in a residency and exhibition at Centre Intermondes in La Rochelle, France (2019), and was the recipient of the Greater Columbus Art Council, which resulted as a residency and exhibition in Dresden Germany (2016). She has participated in thematic residencies at Ox-Bow School of Art, Michigan USA (2022), the Banff Centre, Alberta Canada (2015), and Mildred’s Lane, New York USA (2014).

Solo exhibitions of Paz’s work have been presented at MoSpace, Philippines (2023) Silverlens Gallery, Philippines ‘Domestic Abstractions’ (2021) the Discoveries Sector at Art Basel Hong Kong “The Grove of Trees’ (2019), and 1335MABINI, Philippines ‘History of the Present’ (2018). Her work has been included in numerous international exhibitions including group shows at Mizuma Gallery, Singapore (2021), Asia Now, Paris (2019), Vienna Contemporary, Vienna,(2019), Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum, Bratislava (2019), Alte Feuerwache Lochwitz, Dresden (2016), Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus (2016), The Beeler Gallery at the Canzani Center, Columbus (2016), and The Project Space, Banff Centre Canada (2015).


Artist Statement

Tropic Meander is a new series of paintings inspired by the rivers and creeks that run through the city of Manila, where I live. Waterways flow, the Pasig river waxes and wanes, the banks of the creeks overflow. What can these waters tell me about the history of this place? Of my roots and my future routes?

My painting process begins with photography. I manipulate my images on Photoshop, translate it onto a second computer program that the laser machine can read. Through a series of laser light pulses, I carve the image onto cardboard from Balikbayan cardboard boxes, which for me is the ubiquitous symbol of the Philippine diaspora. The cardboard is primed and air-brushed with acrylic paint, and lastly pieced back together to create the whole image.