Parasocial VIII – S.E.A. Focus

Parasocial VIII

Joshua Kane Gomes

Medium: Steel, ropes, emulsion coated foam, fabric and polyester fiber fill

Size of work: 152 x 54 x 77 cm

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About the Artist

Joshua Kane Gomes documents his mental states through sculpture and installation. The introspective nature of Joshua’s practice focuses on captured moments of vulnerability with sprinklings of levity as he explores the line between rational and sentimental sensibilities within our interpersonal relationships, leveraging the art-making process into a platform for conversations often held behind closed doors.

Joshua is the recipient of the 2023 Khazanah Nasional Associate Artist Residency Programme, involving a 12-week residency at Acme Studios, London, England.


Artist Statement

Parasocial is an ongoing series of sculptures that navigate the pitfalls of unhealthy dependencies within relationships, particularly the deterioration of one-sided infatuation into all-consuming delusions of intimacy. Explored in relation to the mythos of the Wendigo, a cursed cannibalistic spirit that exists in a state of constant starvation, the works thematically parallel the illusionary familiarity experienced when engaging public personas, where the spectator-turned-stalker is driven to frenzy over time by an ever-increasing appetite. While morbid in a thematic sense, the sculptures underplay their ghoulish inspirations and grim desires; hiding behind playful shades of pastels and innocent expressions, alluding to how commonplace parasocial interactions are in our age of interconnectedness.