Pesona Alam (Natural Charm)


Acrylic, Pastel on canvas
190 x 208.5cm

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The title of the work encapsulates Ibrahim’s love for nature. His expressionistic style of depicting flora and fauna is essentially his self-portrait. Through this work, he presents his admiration for the beauty and vibrancy of the phenomena of the physical world collectively.

About the Artist

Since receiving his fine arts degree, Ibrahim’s approach to painting has been rooted in characteristics of abstract expressionism—a visual language shared among many of his pupils such as the prolific Minang artists, Yunizar, Handiwirman Saputra, Yusra Martunus, and Zulkarnaini. Ibrahim’s method of painting is founded on an acute awareness of feeling; emotions experienced day-to-day, at home or at work, are integral to his creative decision-making. For Ibrahim, allowing emotions to direct his artistic approach is the most effective way to articulate both his inner and external self. Inspired by the works of abstract-expressionist pioneers Willem de Kooning (b.1904) and Jackson Pollock (b. 1912), Ibrahim pursues a creative process grounded in visceral instinct and spontaneity.

Ibrahim will be presenting his works at Gajah Gallery.