River Kwai: This Memorial Service was Held in the Memory of the Deceased – S.E.A. Focus

River Kwai: This Memorial Service was Held in the Memory of the Deceased

Saroot Supasuthivech

Medium: Two-channel video installation, 4K, 13:50-22:40 min, Edition of 3 + 2 APs

Size of work: –

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About the Artist

Saroot Supasuthivech (b. 1991, Bangkok, Thailand, where he lives and works) employs a multifarious research approach to reimagine a range of localities, merging chronologies and perspectives. The artist not only looks toward geographical and political facts, but also takes into account the ways specific sites are situated and depicted in memory and discourse. Reacting to popular and official narratives, alongside ancient traditions and their waning relevance, he examines the corruption and deterioration of history and identity. Supasuthivech constantly engages with reassemblage through the thematic, aesthetic and experiential: he often combines installation, image, and sound, constructing intensely sensorial hyperrealities. The artist unearths marginalized oral histories and buried memories, evoking the sacrosanct and forming his own rites of ritual and remembrance.

Saroot Supasuthivech graduated with a BA in mix-media arts from Silpakorn University, Bangkok, in 2015. His debut solo exhibition was held Nova Contemporary, Bangkok in 2023. Saroot has participated in a number of group exhibitions, including Passages, NTU Centre for Contemporary Art, Singapore (2023); Watch and Chill: Streaming Art to Your Homes, MMCA, M+, MAIIAM, MCAD(2021); ᘐ (Qi), Nova Contemporary, Bangkok (2020); Footnotes on Institution. Gallery VER, Bangkok (2019); and BACC Early Years Project #2, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok (2017).