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Scoop -10am-10pm

Choy Chun Wei

Medium: Acrylic, oil , acrylic perspex, printed paper and cast resin on wooden panel

Size of work: 25.5 x 20.3 x 6 cm

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About the Artist

Choy Chun Wei expertly aligns fine art with graphic design, distinguishing his practice. Articulate and demanding, he constantly seeks self-development as an artist. His multi-layered collage works are tactile and tense, inviting dialogue. Moving from country to city shifted his perception of space, suffocated by giant structures and light pollution, shifting his use of materials and elevating material culture in his practice, demanding a more honest seeing, selection and handling of materials. A dialogue ensues upon his canvas, each piece’s complex and layered surfaces offering fresh openings for contemplation. Aided by words and fonts, courtesy of his graphic design days at Central Saint Martins, this dialogue creates a design edge as well as serving subliminal, personal messages.

In 2014, Choy Chun Wei achieved a significant milestone as the only Malaysian artist to present a solo booth, titled 'The Human Landscapes', at Art Basel Hong Kong under the ‘Insights’ sector. Visitors became not just observers but also active participants, with their personal information rendered as art. This approach elevated the human element and momentarily silenced the deafening roar of technology. Choy Chun Wei emphasises the complexity and paradoxes found in life's fragmented nature by constantly pushing boundaries. He skilfully demonstrates the transition of identity into simple numbers and codes by grappling with both facts and states of mind, encouraging reflection on the developing essence of our very existence.