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Friday 6 Jan - Sunday 15 Jan 2023

Skinfolk, Kinfolk: Portrait II

Arabelle Zhuang

Medium: NFT GANs imaging video
Size of work: 2 min 31 sec

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Skinfolk, Kinfolk is a melancholic meditation of mapping and meandering through her mother’s linear years. Conversing with her private histories, memories and experiences through the inanimate-the stories which were never told while growing up, but muttered and pieced together through the family archive. The 2-channel installation simulates a conversation, drawing connections from the investigation of past and present relationships with “hard” and “soft” data, and the role of computational technologies to make meaning from it. The learned imagery dives deep into the subconsciousness and consciousness to tackle the notions of inherited identities and symbolic familial connection

About the Artist

Arabelle Zhuang (b. 1996, Singapore) is an interdisciplinary artist working across photography, moving images, and textiles. She develops narratives that search for the multiplicities of everyday life, examining interpersonal relationships, beauty in the peripheral, and the cyclical nature of being.