The Vibrant Dynamism

Budi Agung Kuswara

Cyanotype, oil, acrylic on kamasan canvas
169 x 144 x 3 cm

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This work presents a juxtaposition of photographic archives that are reproduced with the interpretation of a timespan. This work also tries to show a combination of images that produce a new form, depicting the human consciousness and the human body that comprises of data, like an artefact of knowledge that grows wildly. Just like photographic archives that are organized into data, they can move freely within a social space to form their new meanings, triggering stories and memories that are yet to be told.

About the Artist

Budi Agung Kuswara (b. 1982, Bali, Indonesia) graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the Indonesia Institute of Arts (ISI), Yogyakarta, Indonesia in 2009. His exhibitions include Rooted in Bali at Mizuma Gallery, Singapore (2020); ART•BALI at AB•BC Building, Bali,

Indonesia (2019 & 2018); Arus Berlabuh Kita at the Asian Civilization Museum, Singapore (2018); Love Me in My Batik at ILHAM Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2016); Floating Desires at TAKSU Gallery, Singapore (solo, 2012); The Wax on Our Fingers, a collaboration with Singaporean artist Samantha Tio (Mintio), at the Indonesian Contemporary Arts Network, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (2012); and i.self at Komaneka Fine Art Gallery, Bali, Indonesia (solo, 2009). He has also undertaken residencies at Bamboo Curtain Studio, Taipei, Taiwan (2016), Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan (2012), and TAKSU Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2012). Kuswara lives and works in Bali, Indonesia, where he co-founded Ketemu Project Space, a visual collective and social enterprise hybrid with focus on social engagement.

Badi Agung Kuswara will be presenting his works at Mizuma Gallery.