Untitled #2 – S.E.A. Focus

Untitled #2

Wong Perng Fey

Medium: Acrylic on linen

Size of work: 190 x 160 cm

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Artist Statement
By working on and on again through the body of paintings here in Austria over the last 4 years, emotions and feelings ricochet across the surfaces of the paintings, evoke a deep sense of longing for the memories, and the act of letting go to allow the new to enter.

Each layer that Wong put onto the surface of the painting carried a remnant of my feelings, emotions and memories at the time, and each new stroke consisted not just weight, but also tension, as if fighting, what was to be revealed, which, to be concealed.

The places that Wong is living in hold an inseparable relationship with him, and these paintings manifest the impact the places have on me.

From the paintings, Wong looks back at his own history, and at the same time letting the changes of the new surrounding environment unfold, and eventually adding one more layer to my memories. These paintings document the feelings and the roots in the place Wong lived in, evoking longing as he reminisces. And they capture certain specific emotive moments in his life.

The painting process acts as a stage where the tranquil versus the violent. He had started this series with the reminiscence of photographic images and went on to face the question marks this process evoked, recalling my past and its connection to himself, to this particular time and space. The shapes and forms on the canvas surface prompted questions of the relevance of their appearance in front of him at that very moment. They sometimes provided answers, but not necessarily. In these paintings, Wong is not only pursuing a representation of identity, or a depiction of his daily life, but rather a process of painting which eventually resulted in a witness to his inner world and of his salvaged hallucinations. This process unburdened him from thoughts, and to reason with his longing from memory. It manifested a struggle between the desire to forget and the thoughts arising from the consumption of these memories.

About the Artist

Wong Perng Fey (b. 1974, Malaysia) is an experimental and versatile painter who graduated from the Malaysian Institute of Art in 1998 under scholarship. He was awarded the Artist Residency in Rimbu Dahan, Kuang in 2002. His works are in many prominent public collections such as the National Visual Arts Gallery, Kuala Lumpur; Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur and Galeri Petronas, Kuala Lumpur. He lives and works in Beijing.

Perng Fey’s gestural paintings of figures, nature, and natural vistas fluctuate between abstraction and figuration with an acute sensitivity to colours, layers, and textures. His works consist of a diverse subject matter, ranging from traditional landscape and portraiture to abstraction that exhibits a talented and confident brush play. His works become more than a picture plane and are transformed from the documentation of actions and mistakes into a plane that records gestures and mental states.