S.E.A. Focus returns for its 5th edition from
Friday 6 Jan - Sunday 15 Jan 2023

Venus on the Rocks

Michael Ong

Medium: Rocks, ceramic found object (torso of female figurine)

Size of work: 12.5 x 7 cm

Displayed on plinth

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Ong’s on-going series of small-scale sculptures found on his frequent walks along beaches and forests, as well as in antique markets. They are the result of a spontaneous and playful combination of seemingly disparate objects, but when arranged purposefully, result in a sculptural form that transcends material, time and geography.

About the Artist

Michael Ong (b. 1942, Singapore) is a second generation artist known for his life drawings and sculptures.

After completing his art studies at the prestigious R.M.I.T. University in Melbourne and later a Masters in Industrial Design in the early 1970s, he returned to Singapore. He was active in the Sculpture Society and informal art groups like ‘Group 90’ (founded by Brother Joseph McNally). In 1984, Michael was selected to represent Singapore at the 4 ASEAN Sculpture Symposium in Brunei and he created a monumental piece of ciment fondu which stands towering over Asian Square.