Wall Work SL-258 WV21

Mit Jai Inn

Medium: Oil on canvas
Size of work: 160h x 122w cm

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Mit started making Patch Works (1992–), paintings comprising grids of interlocking colours arranged in large  blocks, with slits that cause sections to droop and fold. While previous Patch Works combined grid- based units  into quilt-like forms, the new work evolves into a large scale, wall-based weaving. Its weft of variegated ribbons is  anchored by bold selvages, while its warp is snagged and looped into an anarchic composition that recalls legible  forms such as musical scores or algorithms.

Text via Ikon Gallery

About the Artist

Mit Jai Inn (b. 1960, Chiang Mai, Thailand) is a widely respected senior Thai artist known for his boundary-defying painting and socially engaged practices. Showing pieces from his Actants series,which are paintings of woven ribbon and canvas. Mit’s collaboration with light, color, labor, and time correspond to metaphysical, political and social constructions of power and belief. Recent exhibitions: Dreamworld (IKON Gallery, Birmingham), Art on Farm (Jim Thompson Farm, Thailand).