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Inspirations and Influences of Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia: Indonesia

Southeast Asia is one of the most culturally diverse regions of the world, with each country bringing its unique characteristics and heritage.

Indonesia itself, is home to over 1,300 ethnic groups and also to two Yogyakarta-based artists, Agung Kurniawan (ROH) and Enggar Rhomadioni (Sullivan+Strumpf).

Enter their worlds as they share on what influences and inspires them – from socio-political landscape to traditions and one’s own habitat.

In Conversation: Collector Hogi Hyun & Artist Alfredo Esquillo Jr.

What can collectors do to support artists in their career? Korean-American collector Hogi Hyun and Filipino artist Alfredo Esquillo Jr. share their insights through a conversation about their collector-artist relationship, which started in 2008. They speak about commissioned paintings, the Yale-NUS art lending programme, and the importance of sharing artworks with the greater public.

In Conversation: Curator Thanavi Chotpradit & Artist Tada Hengsapkul

Thai contemporary artist Tada Hengsapkul is best known for his research-based artwork that challenges various forms of control. As lecturer and curator Thanavi Chotpradit elucidates, his work is “not too straightforward, not too dry, not too loud, but loud enough to make voices.”

Join in their conversation as they share about their artist-curator dynamics, archival approach, and what they look for in artistic collaborations.

Curator John Tung on S.E.A. Focus 2024 – Serial and Massively Parallel

As more technological advancements encroach our everyday lives, what is left of our human distinctiveness? How does that impact art-making practices?​

Catch on to the curatorial vision that John Tung has for S.E.A. Focus 2024 as he shares the ideas behind the theme Serial and Massively Parallel and lets us in on the exciting array of works to anticipate – straight from the exhibition ground! ​

From suspended installations to paintings, tech-based works to intricate handmade sculptures, the rich diversity and creativity of Southeast Asian contemporary art awaits you at S.E.A. Focus 2024. ​

Meet the Artists: Hélène Le Chatelier and Pang

Meet artist Hélène Le Chatelier and art practitioner Pang. Sharing their appreciation for repetitive art forms, the exploration of the human element comes alive in the duo’s collaborative work entitled The Cloud Forest. Go behind the scenes in this video and uncover the deep, thought-provoking inspiration behind the art, as well as the meaningful messages that the artists hope to share through their work.

Experience the immersive work of The Cloud Forest at S.E.A. Focus 2024, presented by Intersections.

Meet the Artist: Joshua Kane Gomes

Meet Malaysian artist and object maker, Joshua Kane Gomes, in his Kuala Lumpur studio where we can catch a glimpse of the creation process of his ongoing sculptural series, Parasocial.​

Through an introspective lens, the series unveils hidden depths beyond the whimsical pastels of Gomes’s works, offering insights into the dark inspirations and complexities of online interactions in our hyper-connected world.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover Gomes’s largest installation of Parasocial yet at S.E.A. Focus 2024, presented by Richard Koh Fine Art.