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Thank you to all the following partners who have supported us towards the success of S.E.A. Focus 2023!

The invaluable support from our partners over the years has enabled the continued growth and development of S.E.A. Focus, alongside its unique programmes and experiences.

Join our journey! To explore specially tailored sponsorship and partnership opportunities with us, please get in touch with May Leong, Partnerships Consultant at may@seafocus.sg.

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Special Thanks

Agung Kurniawan
Andrea Danker
Antto Melasniemi
Art Agenda, S.E.A.
Berny Tan
Boo Sze Yang
Clara Peh
Daniel Chong
Desiree Tham
Gideon Kong and Jamie Yeo
Guillaume Lévy-Lambert and the MaGMA Collection
Jo Tan
Joanne Lim
John Tung
Dr Kan Nathiwutthikun
Kanchana Gupta
Liu Ying Mei
Lourdes Samson
Mahalakshmi Kannappan
Mit Jai Inn
Objectifs - Centre for Photography & Film
Philip Huang
Priya Rath
Rirkrit Tiravanija
Ryan Lim
Shavonne Wong
Tan Siuli
Tina Tan-Leo
Tobias Rehberger
Wang Zineng
Wei Leng Tay and Dr Marc Gloede
Weiqi Yap
Yanyun Chen
Zoya Chaudhary