Virtual Studio Tour with Artist Wawi Navarroza – S.E.A. Focus

Virtual Studio Tour with Artist Wawi Navarroza

Click here to take an exclusive peek into the brand new studio of artist Wawi Navarroza in Manila in this virtual studio tour titled ‘Anatomy of a Tableau: Wawi Navarroza’s Self-Portraits’. 


Through an intimate conversation with the artist, Navarroza delves deeply into her creative process which includes research materials, inspirations and images that forms the construction of her tableaus. The tour ends with a short Q&A session with the artist.


Image 1: Wawi Navarroza, The Weightlifter Orans: Auit at Gaua (Self-Portrait with Blue Ribbon), 2022

Image 2, 3: Materials used by Wawi Navarroza, including cordillera and Southeast Asia textiles

The artist represented by Silverlens (Manila/New York) and Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery (London/Berlin/Palm Beach) is known for her works in photography, where she uses a multi-layered bricolage of colour and material history expressing facets of self and surroundings that is at the heart of her practice.