January 2021
Singapore Art Week

DECK: GAP: A Distinct to Reality

15 November 201922 January 2020

15 November 2019 - 22 January 2020

120A Prinsep Street
Singapore 187937


Photography in its own history is closely associated with reality. It was claimed that photographic images represented the facts faithfully, accurately, and naturally. Before the age of digital imaging, photography was ingenuous in the eyes of the public. But in today’s context, things have changed drastically in terms of image processing and consumption. Digital technology has made possible exceedingly seamless image creation but also resulted in an unexpected distance between us and reality.

Digital technology has enabled photography to become increasingly complex and multi-dimensional. Critically different from the mass media era, information today proliferates infinitely beyond mainstream channels, slowly and implicitly affecting the thought process of both creators and viewers. GAP: A Distinct to Reality focuses on the perception of present-day realities as exemplified by the works of Miti RuangkrityaPiyatat HemmatatSurat Setsaeng, and Nat Bowornphatnon.

Navigating through the overwhelming information prevalent in this age of the internet, the artists’ practices acutely translated the invisible (agricultural waste pollution in the provinces), the obscured (amendment of the Drugs & Narcotic Act), and the ignored (a painful unawareness of construction and traffic in Bangkok) into space for viewers to contemplate on the gap, and beyond what is visible.

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