January 2021
Singapore Art Week

IMPART Collectors’ Show 2020: Material Agendas

10 January 202019 January 2020

10 January 2020 - 19 January 2020

School of the Arts Gallery
1 Zubir Said Dr
Singapore 227968

Now in its third edition, the IMPART Collectors’ Show is a marquee event on the Singapore Art Week calendar. Presented by Art Outreach Singapore Limited, the Collectors’ Show is an opportunity for selected local and regional collectors to share their passion as well as advocacy for local and regional art and artists, allowing local audiences to enjoy access to key works that are held in private collections.

The main aspiration of the Collectors’ Show is to bring together the “market, the makers and the masses”, as it is part of IMPART’s program objective to not only to cultivate and support emerging art talents but also encourage art collectors and the public to understand, appreciate and support our local visual art communities.

Featuring works by artists including Yinka ShonibareKehinde WileyBharti KerrEl AnatsuiEko Nugroho and indieguerillas, this edition of the IMPART Collectors’ Show celebrates the transgressive spirit of artists boldly transforming materials into strange, odd and exhilarating forms.