My heart will go on and on and on – S.E.A. Focus

My heart will go on and on and on

FOST Gallery
1 Lock Road
#01-02, Gillman Barracks
Singapore 108932


FOST Gallery is delighted to present, My heart will go on and on and on, Yeo Tze Yang’s exhibition of recent works, his second with the gallery. Recognised for his paintings of everyday life, Tze Yang continues to challenge perceptions of the mundane, taking objects he encounters on the street as his subject matter. These seemingly random debris he paints are on the ground, flattened or both; disintegrating, neglected or about to be discarded—crumpled fast food packaging, a loan-shark’s name card, an eggplant that has been driven over and the shadow of the artist’s own silhouette in a dirty drain—bits of urban life depicted in painterly strokes and unflinching realism. These still-lifes are then presented via various experimental formats. This exhibition is seminal because it not has paintings in the usual format, but also includes kinetic painting sculptures (painted panels on remote controlled toy cars), painted canvases mimicking advertising banners strung up like the real thing, and life-size sculptures of half-eaten food. Tze Yang is still at heart, a painter, and willing to seize the endless possibilities the medium has to offer.