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Pivot to the Future: Evolving Collections

20 January 2022


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Collectors with a long engagement with contemporary art discuss how they see the evolution of their role in the art world. 

For many veteran collectors, owning artworks leads to new interests in both maintaining those works and sharing them with the public. Additionally, collectors often extend their activities into support or patronage, opening up new avenues for engagement with artists and the wider public. 

Join us to gain insights from collectors on how they see the evolution of their role in the art ecosystem.



Chloe Suen, Chairwoman, Simon Suen Foundation

Chloe Suen firmly believes in the power of arts and culture to inspire and improve lives, and she devotes much of her energy in promoting arts and culture and in supporting the development of Hong Kong’s cultural landscape. 

In 2015, She founded Sun Museum, the first non-profit, non-governmental art museum in Hong Kong open to the public, to further promote Chinese and Hong Kong art. Since its opening, the museum has been an innovative cultural exchange platform for artists, collectors and the public through exhibitions and educational programs. Chloe’s public services include serving on the Advisory Committee on Built Heritage Conservation, the Intangible Cultural Heritage Advisory Committee, the Art Sub-committee of the Museum Advisory Committee, and the Court of Hong Kong Baptist University. 

Chloe received her undergraduate degree from Carnegie Mellon University and her graduate degrees from Columbia University and Harvard University. 


Petch Osathanugrah, CEO, Osotspa 

Petch Osathanugrah has been collecting international and Thai contemporary art since the early 1990’s. His first acquisitions were Montien Boonma, whom he regards as the core of his collection, concurrently he collected international artists such as Frank Stella, Francesco Clemente, and David Salle, etc. 

Born in Bangkok to a business family with a strong inclination toward the arts (his father, Surat Osathanugrah, was an outstanding photographer/businessman), Petch himself was an influential singer-songwriter (he released his first album in 1987) with a strong passion for the visual art. Petch plans to build and open Dib Bangkok, a private museum of contemporary art in 2023. The focus of the museum is international contemporary art with a focus on spirituality, human condition, anf timeless aesthetics.


Sylvain Lévy, Founder, DSL collection

Sylvain Levy is a collector and, together with his wife Dominique, is one of the main people in charge of the DSL collection, an important collection of contemporary Chinese art. Founded in 2005, the DSL collection encourages the discovery and study of contemporary Chinese art. It uses innovative technologies to promote greater visibility and provide the means to share the experience of contemporary culture. Openness, nomadism and sharing are fundamental concepts of the DSL collection.


Moderator: Elaine Ng, Editor & Publisher, ArtAsiaPacific