Tezos Presents: Braver New World? A Conversation about Art in a World of AI and NFTs – S.E.A. Focus

Tezos Presents: Braver New World? A Conversation about Art in a World of AI and NFTs

This talk was part of SEAspotlight Talks during S.E.A. Focus 2023. Click here to watch the recording of this talk online.


What might the future of art look like? Considered disruptive by many, the impact of AI and NFT in art also suggests a radical – ‘braver’ – new world to come, with significant implications on art collecting.

This panel considers questions such as, why are NFTs valued as art? With the advancements of AI-generated art, what will happen to human artists? From the traditional notions of aesthetics, to contemporary and digital art practices, we discuss what makes art ‘valuable’.


David Tng, Head of Growth, TZ APAC

David Tng is the Head of Growth at TZ APAC, where he is primarily responsible for driving partnerships and facilitating greater education and talent development for the blockchain industry. To achieve this, David has partnered with multiple academic institutions throughout APAC. He is also cultivating a strong regional community of digital artists and creators, driving further NFT adoption.

Joyce Toh, Head of Exhibitions, S.E.A. Focus

Joyce Toh holds over 20 years’ experience as a professional in the arts and culture sector, in Singapore and abroad, and her work has spanned museum, public, private and commercial organisations. She has been Head of Exhibition for three editions of S.E.A. Focus, starting in 2021. Joyce is also a Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer for ARTO, a social discovery mobile app that allows people to discover and support art in the way that they want to. Previously, as Senior Curator at Singapore Art Museum (2007–2020), she curated exhibitions, oversaw the Museum’s Philippine collection and curatorial publications, and was involved in the Singapore Biennale for three editions. She has also worked at Christie’s (New York), Arts Council England, Wetterling Teo Gallery, amongst other places.

Kevin Lim, Acting Director, Innovation and Technology Group, Y-Lab, National Gallery Singapore

Working at National Gallery Singapore for the past decade, Kevin Lim has evolved through diverse roles in Visitor Experience, to Corporate Planning, to Innovation at the Gallery.

The Innovation & Technology group is aimed at developing new ways for visitors to experience the Gallery:
1. Y-Lab looks at proof of problem, and scans the horizon for startups to collaborate with
2. Co:Lab X looks at proof of market, through viable in-house innovations
3. DevOps look at proof of scale, by growing technology solutions resiliently and sustainably

Kevin Lim graduated with a doctorate in Communication theory from the State University at Buffalo, New York and his work has revolved around the reflexive architecture of society and online social networks.


Chris Milliken, CEO/Founder, PengWine and NFT collector

Chris Milliken, from the USA, the author of White or Red it’s All in your Head: A fun, all you really need to know book about wine.  Chris travelled the world as a trained Chef, studied to be a Sommelier and winemaker in Australia, founded the wine brand PengWine in Chile and has been actively growing the brand in SE Asia for over 15 years.  He enjoys the Web3 space exploring Crypto, Metaverse and the wonderful world of NFT’s, as Art, Utility, Community and Investments.